Photography as a Sales Tool.

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Photos: Yuri Benitez

If what you want to achieve is to get your consumer to only see your product, feel attracted to it and have the need to consume, it is essential to use good photography to high lighten the best features of the dish or ingredients and to project the good the taste and quality.

This type of photography is a professional service known in the advertising as “Food Photography” and is performed by specialists in the field who are not necessarily chefs or cooks.

Food photography allows us to show and highlight the qualities of a dish or food so it looks clean and appealing to the consumer. This photograph will attract the buyer to consume your product, whatever it is, so you need to communicate your composition without trying to deceive but always watching the presentation and arrangement of the ingredients. The main purpose is to provoke an emotional response. Create the desire and craving in the consumer and show the customs or traditions of how it is prepared.

This style of photography is one of the most difficult techniques to achieve because it requires a thorough job of preparation, composition and lighting. It is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, photographer and a food stylist .

While a chef can grab the attention of your audience through the sense of sight, smell, taste and touch, food photography can only do so through the view. That is why you have to use different methodologies and strategies to attract the attention of viewers in the same way you would with a steaming bowl on a table, unable to appeal to more than one sense.

Undoubtedly, food photography on a professional level is one of the most powerful tool to increase sales of a product. A photograph of this quality in your packaging strategies, taking care of the details of the ingredients and impressively armed is the first thing that will catch the attention of potential buyers.

Even for the most refined and perfect product without proper photo, customers will not consider an option to purchase and the sale will not take place. A great photograph complements a great product, creates emotions and expectations on the client and most importantly, creates a desire and a need to purchase.

As with all professional services, photography is a cost efficient product. Large companies pay thousands of dollars to get the image to fit their brand identity. This service does not have to mean a huge investment, as long as you enter the photo session with a clear creative brief and knowing exactly the image you want to accomplish.

Trying to sell with images lower to the ones used by the competition is a very high risk in sales, in addition to damaging the reputation of the product, the manufacturer and seller, and this also damages the printing and customer perception .

Consider these tips:

Be generous. Always seek to offer more than the consumer expects .

Improve constantly. The competition does it and it is the only way to be contemporary.

Maximize the meaning of “appetite”. Design always thinking of the consumer.

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