How important is good design for your business?

All entrepreneurs, regardless of size or line of their business, we know that innovation is very important. We are obligated to offer new things to the public and be aware of any changes to stay ahead of our competitors.

One of the most effective tools to achieve this is graphic design. Being aware of the importance of graphic design is the first step for your business to have a quality design.

When talking about graphic design, it is usually associated with an artistic expression away from the cold and abstract business world. However, with globalization and all that this implies in terms of business competition and market diversification, graphic design has obtained a superlative importance in the success or failure of a company, because it is the first point of contact with the consumer and may be the last if the design is not attractive enough.

We know in advance that the design -either purely graphic or methods and processes- is a discipline that helps bring together the right elements with which the business is disclosed to the market, and it has a lot to do with creativity but not with personal taste. The graphics quality is primarily intended to facilitate the projection of values, culture, history of the company and product performance. All messages sent must be consistent with each other for effective communication, as any representation of the image of your business that people perceive is a great opportunity to gain respect and admiration.

Graphic design fulfills its mission if well accomplished bringing the full message of the company to consumers, to be interpreted in the most accurate, complete and effective way. Well guided by experts, it is able to generate a very good – and desirable – chain reaction: positive impressions increase the perceived value to the consumer, which in turn grows sales.

In a small business, efficiency is also to be able to maximize the limited resources available. To do so, we must be clear about the purpose, priorities and objectives. And in those businesses in which the package is the product, and even more if the differentiation is difficult as rice, pasta , sugar, etc. This requires professional intervention to bring out the final message. Today’s consumer is more informed than before and has access to alternative information on the product of his interest, and thus can change his purchasing decision in seconds. The market is increasingly more complex so all decisions regarding what is displayed to the consumer should be professionalized.

In today’s society, where a picture is worth a thousand words and with more than 1,000 images for word, you have to find the precise product suitable for the needs of your business solution.

Why hire a professional in graphic design?

• In an increasingly competitive global market it is of great importance to achieve a successful communication through a good graphic design.

• The image of your business should help to identify and differentiate it from the competition, and highlight its differentiating attributes within a homogeneous visual system.

• Effective communication with a successful design, will benefit your company over the competition, improving the image the public has to your business .

• The products do not sell themselves. Companies must reach potential buyers. They make their products and services accessible. They have to send a persuasive message that their products and services benefit those customers.

• Graphic design has become the most important consideration when developing a business strategy and promotion campaign.

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